Baker College of Cadillac Open House Showcases New Simulators for Health Care Education

May 04, 2010

Baker College of Cadillac will host an open house for the general public, health care professionals and the media on Friday, May 7, from 12:30 p.m. until 2:30, Student Center, 9600 E. 13th St., Cadillac. The event includes demonstrations of two HAL™ simulators from Baker’s new high-fidelity simulation center. The simulators will be used as training tools for many of Baker’s health care programs, including nursing, EMS and surgical technology.

In addition, Baker College of Cadillac will offer the new simulation center to the local medical community for continuing education programs.

“We also envision expansion into other fields such as mental health and law enforcement, and even to local middle and high schools,” said Cindy Kelley, MSN, RN, Baker College of Cadillac dean of health sciences. “We want our simulators and the new simulation center to be the focal point for training programs in Cadillac and surrounding communities.”

The purchase of the new simulators and construction of the simulation center was made possible, in part, by a $90,000 Major Impact Grant from the Jewell Education Fund (JEF). The annual grant is awarded for projects that will significantly improve the quality of education on a Baker College campus. With additional funds provided by Baker College of Cadillac, the new simulation center, which mirrors a hospital/emergency room, houses three simulators, video equipment and computers. Grant funds also cover a technician’s salary.

The two high-fidelity simulators that will be demonstrated during the open house were purchased from Gaumard Scientific Company, a world-class manufacturer of innovative teaching simulators for health care education. HAL and HAL Jr. are models of an adult and a 5-year-old child. Both can mimic respiratory patterns, eye movements and responses, heart sounds and even exchange of gasses, all in a simulated technology setting.

“With HAL, Baker students have the opportunity to develop high acuity skills through the use of human high-fidelity simulation in a lab setting,” said Joanna Hoenshell, EMT-P, I/C, AAS, BHSA, Baker College of Cadillac EMS education director. “Research indicates that students in medical education programs who have the opportunity to practice their advanced skills and higher level critical thinking with HAL-type simulators, perform better in the real-world environment.”

Both HAL models are wireless, computer operated, standalone and portable. The Baker simulation center also houses “Sam,” a Laerdal (SimMan) adult human simulator that functions like HAL, except that he is tethered to a computer and monitor. Video cameras are set up in the simulation center and are used for recording response to the simulation scenario, which allows the student and instructor to replay the scene for informative feedback.

“Diminishing human error and improving patient outcomes through task training and the simulation experience is our goal,” said Hoenshell. “We’re thrilled that our new simulation center is now open and available as a training tool for our health care students and community organizations.”

Craig Wilcox, who holds a paramedic certificate from Baker College of Cadillac, recently joined the Cadillac campus as simulation lab technician.

“Craig’s EMT paramedic training, work experience with the Mecosta and Benzie counties emergency medical services, and familiarity with Baker College, made him the perfect candidate for the lab technician position,” said Hoenshell.
For more information about the upcoming open house or the new simulation center and its simulators, contact Joanna Hoenshell via e-mail. For information about the health care programs at Baker College of Cadillac, contact Mike Tisdale via e-mail.

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