Baker College of Flint Wins Recycling Challenge Competition

May 03, 2012

10,220 Pounds Recycled

Baker College of Flint Wins Recycling Challenge Competition
Left, Tim Church of Waste Connections presents recycling competition award check to Matt Bohlen, who lead the project for Baker College of Flint.

Baker College of Flint took first place in the Third Annual Recycling Challenge, surpassing all other competitors by collecting 10,220 pounds of recyclable material during a one-month period. In addition to Baker College of Flint, Kettering University, Mott Community College and the University of Michigan-Flint accepted the recycling challenge this year.

Matt Bohlen, an admissions advisor at Baker College of Flint and spearhead of the recycling project for the Baker campus, said the purpose of the yearly challenge is to encourage recycling while making it a fun and friendly competition.

“I was so pleased and quite impressed by the number of students, staff and faculty who participated,” said Bohlen. “It was quite a concerted, albeit somewhat grubby, effort!”

Baker College of Flint received $325 for its efforts. The money will be used for student scholarships and funding of grants.

Program sponsors included Waste Connections, Inc., Metro Sanitation, LLC, Brent Run Landfill and GLR Recycling Solutions.

“We wanted to extend a special thanks to Dan Gudgel of Waste Connections, who invested a great deal of time and resources to ensure that this event was a success,” said Bohlen. “In addition, kudos to Amy Brill and the entire Baker College of Flint maintenance department. We couldn’t have done this without their full support.”

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