Baker College of Jackson Hosts 2nd Annual Math Summit

July 29, 2010

Baker College of Jackson will host Math Summit II, from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m., Wednesday, August 11 through Friday, August 13, on Baker’s Jackson campus, 2800 Springport Road. The summit is a collaboration between Baker College of Jackson, Spring Arbor University, Jackson Community College, Jackson County K-12 institutions, and the Jackson County Intermediate School District.

Math Summit was established in 2009 to reduce by 5 percent the number of remedial math students in higher education. With funding provided by several organizations in the Jackson community, Math Summit II will further explore mathematics education and issues faced by educators. The summit will focus on four key areas of improvement: elementary math specialist, transition to college, parent education and math lab support.

“According to an executive summary from the Jackson County Higher Education Alliance, national and local data show that students are increasingly challenged by college-readiness, particularly in the area of mathematics,” said Cynthia VanGiesen, Baker College of Jackson dean of developmental education. “Although some students are overcoming barriers and achieving success, studies show that collegiate math preparedness is becoming the exception, developmental education is becoming routine, and the vast majority is under-prepared for college-level math. During the summit, it is our intent to challenge attendees to bring forth initiatives to reduce the number of under-prepared students in Jackson County.”

The first day will feature keynote speaker William J. DeMeo, Ph.D., a developmental school psychologist who coordinates the mental health services for the Cincinnati Public Schools’ early childhood program. His interactive workshop will provide participants with the latest research on neuroscience and its impact on learning math. Attendees will also learn effective and practical brain-compatible strategies to assist students to become passionate learners.

“Dr. DeMeo takes his audience on a stimulating, brain-based experience to trigger thinking about learning and math,” said VanGieson. “We look forward to learning the best way of developing effective neurological and practical interventions.”

The second and third days will be devoted to small-group work centered on the four core areas of improvement. Each group will be challenged to provide a summit outcome, either ongoing research or an improvement initiative to take back to their particular school.

Approximately 75 participants from all levels of K-12, the three Jackson County higher education institutions, and the Jackson County Intermediate School District are expected to attend. The group includes instructors, specialists, teacher preparation students and administrators.

For more information about Math Summit II, please contact Cynthia VanGieson via e-mail or 517.780.4554.

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