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Emergency Services Management (Online)

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During my second semester, I had a job offer, and by the third, I was employed in two different agencies.
Phil Cornelius Baker Student

This program is designed for those who are currently employed in or planning to pursue a career in Emergency Services Management.

In this program, you will:

  • Develop skills in individual and group problem-solving, management and supervision.
  • Explore current issues specific to Emergency Services.

Admission Requirements:

  • You must enter the program with a total of 48 credits derived from any combination of the following: paramedic credentials, basic EMT credentials, or fire fighter I & II credentials.
  • The remaining credits may consist of an approved portfolio, previous credits from an approved accredited institution, life-long learning experiences, or any combination.

Program Details and Courses

Explore Your Career!
Emergency Services Management Explore Your Career!

Career Facts

  • EMT salaries average about $31,000. EMTs who work in local government, including fire, police, and independent third-service rescue squad departments, usually have better salaries and benefits.
  • The EMT field is growing faster than average. Employment of Emergency Medical Technicians is expected to grow by 19 percent by 2016.
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