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Bachelor of Business Administration


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With broad training as a Manager, you will be prepared to work in a wide variety of organizations — public or private, product or service oriented, profit or not-for-profit.

In this program, you will:

  • Study the management of human and physical resources.
  • Acquire skills useful in the management of any organization.
  • Understand the importance of effective oral and written communication, teamwork, decision-making, entrepreneurial management, and diversity in the business environment.
  • Be introduced to the application and strategic use of the knowledge and skills you acquire in areas like personnel management, organizational behavior, production management, international business, and small business.

Accreditation/Approval/Certification Status

External peer review is the primary means of assuring and improving the quality of higher education institutions and programs in the United States. This recognition is accomplished through program accreditation, approval or certification.

The Management Program is accredited through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.

Explore your new career.
Management Explore your new career.

Career Facts

  • The average annual wage for Administrative Services Managers is $79,500
  • Job growth should be about average in this field.
  • Employment is projected to grow by 12 percent over the 2008-18 decade.
  • Some managers work a 40-hour week but about half of all managers work more.
  • Resolving problems and meeting deadlines frequently requires overtime that is likely to be uncompensated.
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