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If you took your general education classes during the day and took the technical classes during the night — thermodynamics, fluids, vibrations — that would save a couple terms and get you out in the work force faster.
Tom Spendlove Baker instructor, Engineering

The Mechanical Technology Program is designed to prepare students for employment in mechanical design, manufacturing, and production industries. This program is designed for students interested in entry level positions as well as experienced technicians who wish to improve their skills. Emphasis is placed on computer aided design (CAD) along with the mathematical and communication skills required to function effectively as part of an engineering team. This program provides the foundation courses in science and mathematics leading graduates to a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, which can be completed in three additional years.

This program is part of the Baker College Smart Degree Option.

Explore your career.
Mechanical Technology Explore your career.

Career Facts

  • The average annual salary for Mechanical Engineers is $80,580, with starting salaries among the highest of all college graduates.
  • Employment growth in Mechanical Engineering is expected to be about 6 percent between 2008 and 2018, which is slower than average. However, Mechanical Engineers have additional opportunities because their skills can often be applied in other engineering specialties.
  • A 40-hour week is standard, but occasionally a project deadline may require longer hours.
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