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Overview of Legal Studies Student Learning Outcomes

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  • Upon graduation, the graduate of this degree program will find employment applicable to this course of study.
  • Conduct, organize, and evaluate legal research, as well as assemble necessary legal documents in order to adequately assist in the litigation process.
  • Evaluate and apply appropriate court rules, including rules of civil procedure and rules of evidence.
  • Examine and develop an understanding of legal processes as they relate to various substantive areas of law.
  • Develop and apply a command of the ethical guidelines and rules of professional responsibility necessary to demonstrate competence as a paralegal.
  • Obtain, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and incorporate info into oral and written present. both in the class and the workplace.
  • Analyze the impact which differing political systems, cultural backgrounds, ethics, and values have on individuals in their personal, social, and work lives.
  • Synthesize and evaluate info and data using quantitative problem-solving processes.
  • Identify ethical principles and their application in the classroom and workplace.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply the principles of scientific investigation to model and interpret scientific situations and to predict outcomes based on the analysis.
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