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Associate Degree in Nursing

Practical Nurse to Associate Degree in Nursing Ladder

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The Associate Degree in Nursing at Baker College of Auburn Hills was specifically designed as a ladder program. Students may apply to take the PN NCLEX exam through the Michigan Board of Nursing after successful completion of the first three (3) quarters of the LPN to ADN Nursing Ladder program. Students can then complete the last three (3) quarters of this program and apply to take the RN NCLEX exam. This program builds on the patient/client nurse experience and incorporates the knowledge, critical thinking, analytical skills, and professionalism of the Registered Nurse.

The student will actively participate in culturally-diverse learning, with an appreciation for the moral and ethical dimensions of the issues they confront in an ever-evolving health care system. The faculty seeks to prepare graduates with an Associate Degree in Nursing who, upon graduation, will be eligible to take the licensure examination to become a Registered Nurse.

All nursing programs must complete the approval process of the Michigan Board of Nursing. The nursing programs within the Baker College system have been approved. Baker College of Auburn Hills PN to ADN ladder program has received initial approval from the Michigan Board of Nursing.

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Career Facts

  • The average salary for Nursing Aides is $23,900. For Licensed Practical Nurses, the average is $38,900. For RNs, the average is about $62,400.
  • Nursing is growing much faster than the average occupation. By 2016, employment of Registered Nurses is expected to grow 23 percent and, for Licensed Practical Nurses, growth should grow 14 percent.
  • Most Nursing Aides and LPNs are generalists, who care for their patients in many different ways. They work in all areas of health care.
  • Most RNs begin as staff Nurses in hospitals to gain experience. With good performance, they are promoted to higher level positions or move to other settings.
  • Management-level nursing positions often require a graduate or an advanced degree in nursing or health services administration.
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