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Professional Pilot/Aviation Technology

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100 percent of our aviation graduates are employed as professional pilots… from flight instructors, to airline pilots, to corporate pilots, to military pilots.
Mark Lindquist Campus Chair, Aviation Technology Program

This program is designed for the individual who is seeking to gain an entry-level position or increase his/her opportunities for promotion in professional aviation. Students will complete commercial pilot requirements and additional specialized aviation training. Long-range employment opportunities for aviation professionals are excellent and increasing steadily. Once a student is enrolled with the College, flight instruction from a non-Baker College carrier will not be considered as fulfillment of course requirements in the Aviation program.

Aviation students are required to sign the Baker College Flight Training Agreement. Some Aviation Technology courses may require additional hours depending on a student’s progress.

This program is part of the Baker College Smart Degree Option.

Explore your new career.
Professional Pilot/Aviation Technology Explore your new career.

Career Facts

  • The average annual salary for experienced Pilots ranges from $57,500 for Charter Pilots to $71,300 for Commercial. Earnings vary, depending on factors such as the type, size, and maximum speed of the plane and the number of hours and miles flown.
  • Employment for Pilots overall is expected to grow by about 13 percent through 2016, which is about as fast as average.
  • Regional and low-cost airlines offer the best job opportunities and provide the experience required for higher-paying national jobs; jobs at the major airlines are very competitive.
  • Many Pilots have learned to fly in the military, but growing numbers have college degrees with flight training from civilian flying schools that are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.
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