Program Director of Business & Health Services

Location: Baker College Online (Flint, MI)
Compensation: Salary based on education, experience, and existing wage rates paid for similar positions within Baker College Professional Services, Inc. Full benefit package.
Start Date:

Reports To: Director of Academic Affairs
Work Schedule: 1720 Hour Teaching Contract
Application Deadline: September 25, 2017

Available to: All applicants

Baker College Professional Services, Inc. seeks to hire an individual to be assigned to the position of PROGRAM DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS AND HEALTH SERVICES (FULL-TIME) for the benefit of and to be located at Baker of Online.

General Statement of Duties:

The Program Director of Business and Health Services provides leadership and management of all aspects of an academic program by providing discipline-specific expertise, supervising staff and faculty members, addressing students’ needs, and maintaining a required teaching load.

Minimum Education & Experience Requirements:

  • Doctoral degree, terminal degree required in the field of Business or related to Higher Education. If terminal degree is related to higher education, candidate must have a Master’s in a Business related field
  • Experience with an online learning environment required
  • Experience in leadership position within higher education preferred
  • Demonstrated competency in discipline-specific knowledge and performance skills required
  • Teaching experience at the college level and 3 years of work experience in the related field is preferred
  • Excellent organizational, communication, and time management skills
  • Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office Suite, Google Apps, and Learning Management System (Blackboard)

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Manage class and learning environments: Teach a specified number of classes; Maintain attendance records, submit grades on time, and provide constructive student feedback; Utilize the College’s Learning Management System in accordance with the usage expectations
  • Deliver effective instruction: Assume primary responsibility and exercise oversight of the required curriculum, ensuring both rigor for course/program and the quality of instruction; Design and support a range of learning activities to engage all learners; Use technology appropriate to the nature and objectives of the course/program outcomes and communicate clearly the expectations concerning the use to students
  • Assess student learning: Leads continuous improvement discussions utilizing student learning assessment results; Complete Direct Measure Assessments; Use a variety of techniques to assess student learning; Coordinates continuous cycle of program assessment & annual assessment plan; Communicate assessment results to students regularly and identify learning opportunities for students
  • Maintain professional expertise and/or professional proficiencies: Pursue professional development; Encourage faculty to participate in professional development; Stay current in academic fields (belonging to professional societies, participating in pedagogical professional development, attending conferences, and working or volunteering in the field); Maintain required professional credentials, licensing, and continuing education hours as discipline standard dictates
  • Provide service to the program: Develop and manage annual program budget; Comply with accreditation mandates, supervise site visits, and provide notification of any substantive changes within the program or any change in accreditation status; Participate in recruiting, hiring, supervising, staffing, and coaching of faculty; Plan and facilitate advisory boards and manage resulting data for program improvement; Leads and participates in curriculum development; Manage textbook accuracy; Attend campus and system events; Coordinate divisional meetings; Participate in off-campus community oriented events; Mentor others; Participate in program, campus, and system meetings; Develop and maintain external partnerships
  • Engage in scholarly activities (as determined by program requirements) examples include: Engage in course or program level action research; Secure and utilize external grants; Secure and utilize internal grants; Present at local or national conference; Serve as an invited lecturer; Author publication(s); Support student success; Participate in student orientations, registration, and mentoring activities
  • Other duties as assigned

Application Procedure:

Please submit cover letter and resume via email only by September 25, 2017 in care of

Baker College Professional Services, Inc.-OLCG
Human Resource Department 

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