Campus Safety Information.

Each year, campuses are required to publish a Campus Safety Annual Report by October 1st. In addition, campuses with Residence Halls must provide a Fire Safety Report; this report is included with the Campus Safety Annual Report for the Flint, Owosso, Cadillac, and Muskegon campuses. These reports are available online.

A paper copy of the Campus Safety Annual Report may be obtained through the Campus Safety Office at all Baker College campuses. The Report includes:

  • Safety policies and procedures
  • Procedures for reporting crimes and other emergencies on campus, including sexual assault
  • Campus safety authority and jurisdiction
  • Security and facilities access
  • Security awareness programs
  • The Baker College Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Residence hall fire safety information
  • Crime statistics including murder, forcible and non-forcible sex offenses, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and auto theft
  • Arrests and disciplinary action statistics for alcohol, drug, and/or weapons violations

Annual Security Report

For more detailed information about our safety policies, procedures, and statistics, please view our Annual Safety Reports here.

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