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Baker College, Michigan’s largest independent not-for-profit college, is unveiling results of its partnership with, which provides assessment technology to assist college students in identifying majors that fit them best.

In just two academic calendar years, Baker College – the first college in Michigan to implement MyMajors tools and technologies – has seen a 50-percent reduction in student program changes, down from 26.1 to 13.9 percent of new/enrolling students. Fewer program changes mean better rates of student persistence, improved processes internally and better student outcomes.

In 2016, prior to engaging with MyMajors, there were more than 6,000 Baker students changing their major or altering academic plans after enrolling. Baker recognized a need to improve student onboarding processes, and MyMajors offered the solution in the form of a customized platform that helps Baker students succeed in finding an academic program and career path that meets their interests and reflects their aptitude.

“We needed a better foundation on which to build our relationship with incoming students,” said Dr. Denise Bannan, provost of Baker College System and president of Baker College of Owosso. “To set them up from the onset to have a successful experience at Baker, and to prepare them for a career that is both what they love and are best suited to do.”

After collaborating with the Baker team to pinpoint key challenges in student major selection and exploration, MyMajors provided an assessment tool which leads to a comprehensive advisement report on each student. The reports, which each include more than 300 data points, allow Baker representatives to build relationships with incoming students with more knowledge of their interests, skillsets, personal preferences or possible concerns.

“Students today need proactive support to make sure they are on the right path,” said Guy Townsend, president of MyMajors. “Baker College has implemented a new philosophy on campus that has propelled student success by connecting students to degree plans early on. Students in the right major are more likely to persist on campus and MyMajors has been proud to support this effort.”

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