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This graduate program will emphasize improving student learning in an era of accountability. Course content includes management, organizational development, budgeting, ethics, diversity, and faculty/staff evaluation. Data-driven models will guide the integration of curriculum, instruction and assessment. Candidates will locate research and best practice information, interpret and use data for decision making, and apply continuous improvement processes to the classroom as well as in administration.

The goal of the program is developing leaders who strive to create a coherent system in which all components are working toward a common goal of improved student learning. Technological tools for managing information and improving efficiency will also be included.

It should be noted that there are two different concentrations within the program. One concentration is for those candidates interested in applying their learning to P-12 education. The other concentration is for those candidates interested in higher education. Each concentration has three classes that are unique to the concentration. The other eleven courses are common to both concentrations.

Featured Alumni

I chose Baker for the curriculum. They look at what you’re going to need and a lot of MBAs are general. The curriculum at Baker I felt that a lot of the things that I was doing in school I could directly translate into what I was doing in the hospital.

- Brad Lukas, Beaumont Hospital Administrator M.B.A. Business Administration
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