Total Hours Needed to Graduate:
60 Hours

Business Administration Major

45 Hours
ACC 1010
Principles of Accounting I

Introduces students to the concepts of financial accounting, including the completion of the accounting cycle, preparation of the financial statements, and detailed coverage of cash, receivables, inventory, fixed assets and liabilities.

MTH 1050 OR MTH 1110

ACC 1020
Principles of Accounting II

Enables the students to prepare, evaluate, and use accounting data as an introduction to the accounting profession. The mechanics of financial accounting and the overall effect of accounting procedures on published financial statements are examined in detail. Alternative accounting procedures and their impacts on the financial statements are also examined. Coverage includes extensive examination of the accounting equation as well as the accounting process as it relates to receivables, inventory, fixes assets, and bonds payable.

ACC 1010

BUS 2110
Business Analytics

Introduces the data analysis process and the role of business decision making. Explores qualitative and quantitative data, data vs. information, data research, relevance, validity, business intelligence tools, ethical and legal implications of data analysis, data integrity, primary and secondary data, MAIP (Measurement Analysis, Interpretation Presentation) and ethical and legal implications of data analysis.

ENG 1010, MGT 1010, MTH 1050 OR ENG 1010, MGT 1010, MTH 1110

ECN 2010
Principles of Macroeconomics

Provides an introduction to aggregate economic issues to include inflation, unemployment, and Gross Domestic Product (GDP); economic theories; market system; and the role of government.

ECN 2110
Principles of Microeconomics

Examines the functions of individual business decision making, market structures, market failures, and the role of government within the economy.

Business Electives

FIN 1010
Personal Finance

Provides a balanced exposure to development and understanding the various aspects involved in managing one's personal finance.

LAW 2110
Business Law

Provides students with an introduction to the legal issues inherent in dynamic business environments. Topics covered include the legal system, including an examination of constitutional law; business torts; contracts; intellectual property; criminal law; and the ethical considerations for business decision making.

MGT 1010
Introduction to Business

Provides a basic understanding of many aspects of business through an overview of the changing business environment, the roles of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and the importance of customer relations, management, and marketing. Financial management, accounting and banking will also be discussed.

MKT 1110
Principles of Marketing

Examines the essentials of an introductory course than can be either a survey course or a prerequisite to more advanced marketing studies. Study includes product identification, positioning and pricing strategies, consumer need identification and making the connection between consumer needs and product advertising, basic distribution strategies, and some of the decision-making tools at the disposal of the marketing manager. This course is recommended as a first course for marketing majors.

Work Experience

Provides a 120-hour learning experience in an appropriate work environment structured to allow students to develop skills and gain training in their major field. Program completion based on Associate or Bachelor requirements may vary between programs. There may be certain course requirements that require completion prior to enrolling in the work experience course. *Note: Students in the BBA would take this as their first required work experience.

MGT 1010

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