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The Business Administration associate degree program provides students a fundamental knowledge of business functions and processes and an understanding of business organizations in today’s global economy. Students will discover the functional areas of business including accounting, finance, management, and marketing. Students will also explore concepts in entrepreneurship, business law, and economics. This program prepares students for a successful entry-level career in the business environment.

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As a high school student, I could have gone anywhere but I went to Baker because it really worked with my lifestyle and my goals. I think just finding a job right away I really didn't want to go into a lot of debt with a college degree and I feel like other colleges and universities don't really work with that. So, I loved the idea that Baker has night classes and they have an online option for me. I didn't want to be tied down with school and I really feel like it's been so flexible for me.

- Morgan Rodenbaugh, Office Manager - Ellen's Equipment
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