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This program is designed to enhance residential design skills with a concentration in commercial design. Design projects prepare students to work in a contract design studio and/or architectural facility. Students select and specify appropriate materials and furnishings according to industry codes and standards, and apply knowledge to manual and computer generated drawings. Current building codes and guidelines will be applied to contractual documents in compliance with sustainable and universal design. Presentational skills are proficiently applied to advanced rendering illustrations and oral presentations.

Business courses enhance professionalism and provide a solid foundation for dealing with the corporate world. The program and courses were designed in accordance with the CIDA (Council for Interior Design Accreditation) Professional Standards.

Featured Alumni

It’s a really tight knit group of faculty members that actually work in the field and can help you grow as a student and in your business… Baker is pretty career focused on a lot of things where they kind of set you  on a path and help you along to get to your career goal.

- Kevin Stankovich, Business Owner B.S. Interior Design, A.S. Architectural Construction
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