Total Hours Needed to Graduate:
12 Hours


12 Hours
ECE 4010
Advanced Infant and Toddler Care and Curriculum

Examines the importance of parent and caregiver relationships in developing quality care for infants and toddlers. The essentials of infant and toddler caregiving, developmental growth patterns, and direct observations will be emphasized. A 30-hour fieldwork observation is required. Must complete with a C or better.

ECE 2010, ECE 2020

ECE 4610
Early Assessment and Referral

Focuses on knowledge of characteristics and classifications of common delays, impairments, and disabilities. Tools of assessment and methods of referral for young children demonstrating atypical development with an emphasis on the goals and benefits of developmentally appropriate assessment is explored. IFSP, IEP, early intervention, and legal issues surrounding these topics will be featured. Must complete with a C or better.

ECE 1650

ECE 4710
Early Literacy Intervention

Provides essential background into speech, cultural, linguistic and language development of young children. An emphasis will be placed on the link between home and educational environment. Home-to-school activities will be developed. Must complete with a C or better.

ECE 1710

EDU 3710
Early Childhood Education ZS Practicum

Focuses on planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate, child-centered classroom environment across curricular and developmental domains. Students will demonstrate competence in child assessment, group guidance, advocacy, peer collaboration, and parent communication. Includes 120 hours of lead teaching in a pre-school program with special needs students. Course assignments demonstrating subject matter and content application are required. Must complete with a C or better in order to complete the Teacher Preparation Program.

ECE 2510, EDU 3310

Featured Alumni

The curriculum at Baker absolutely helped me. I had great instructors, instructors who were educators. Just for teachers to connect with students, it was important to me for those instructors to connect with me.

- Brittney Norman, Teacher & Baker Grad
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