Make a bigger difference with a ZS endorsement.

The ZS (General & Special Education) endorsement is one of the most versatile endorsements an elementary educator can have. With this endorsement, you’ll be able to work with many different ages of children, from infants to 8 year-olds. You will also be able to work with pre-schoolers wtih disabilities, developmental delays, and other special needs.

If you’re a certified elementary educator and want to earn your ZS endorsement, we can help. With advanced instructional technology and proven educational approaches, our early childhood ZS program helps you learn the skills and information you need to pass the required state test as quickly as possible. Once you’ve completed this program and taken the test, you’ll be eligible to apply for your ZS endorsement.

Academic Policies & Requirements 

Post-Baccalaureate - Early Childhood ZS (General and Special Education) - Additional Endorsement

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The curriculum at Baker absolutely helped me. I had great instructors, instructors who were educators. Just for teachers to connect with students, it was important to me for those instructors to connect with me.

- Brittney Norman, Teacher & Baker Grad
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