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Successfully overseeing construction projects means having to understand a wide variety of factors involved with the construction process. With our construction management bachelor’s degree program, we’ll help you learn everything you need to be able to get started in this rapidly-growing industry.

This program is designed with input from employers and construction professionals who want to see that you get an education that prepares you for the demands of today’s workplace. Our classes are also led by industry professionals, so you’ll have a chance to learn from the pros.

With an emphasis on project management as well as craft skills, this program gives you a well-rounded understanding of the construction industry so that you can manage projects globally and sustainably and improve the overall value of each project you work on.

With a bachelor’s degree in construction management, you’ll be able to start a career by working in a wide variety of positions, including construction project management, cost estimating, project planning, and scheduling.

Academic Policies & Requirements 

Bachelor of Science - Construction Management

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Outlook 2014 - 2024


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If you have a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering you will have a job for the rest of your life. And to know that what I do can potentially save a life is very moving and motivating. It makes me want to go to work.

- Conner Booth, BS Mechanical Engineering
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