Safeguard your future. Earn a degree in information assurance.

Information security is more important now than ever been before. With more of our personal information stored and used online, the demand for network security and defense against malicious attacks is greater than ever, and can provide a wealth of job opportunities for anyone with the skills and education to keep up with changing tides in information security.

IT professionals teach our Bachelor of Science program in information technology and security with a concentration in information assurance using a curriculum designed to provide a solid foundation in security across a number of different systems and platforms. We will teach you platform security, network security, operating system security, and much more. Along the way, you’ll learn how to analyze and respond to computer infrastructure problems, identify internal and external threats, and other vital skills needed to keep up in the always-changing world of information security.

Once you graduate, you’ll have the perfect foundation to start building your career in information assurance and information security, with all the job opportunities the industry has to offer.

Bachelor of Science - Information Technology and Security - Concentration in Information Assurance

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