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Network technicians use their analytical skills and specialized knowledge to build, install, analyze, troubleshoot and maintain the hardware and software that make computer networks function. Thanks to their expertise in local-area networks (LANs), wide-area networks (WANs), intranets, wireless networks and other communication systems, critical information continues to flow to support organizations’ operational and regulatory needs. Network technicians are able to effectively troubleshoot a wide range of problems; multitask; communicate with co-workers, vendors and clients; organize and prioritize tasks; and work alone as well as in groups. Graduates of the program can continue their education with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Security or a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems.


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I'm able to actually put a Baker graduate to work doing things. Quite often an employee comes in I have to give them some extra training to get them to work. But Baker graduates, they seem to understand what we're trying to do.

- Mark Brooks, Customer Support Manager at Versus Technology
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