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Law enforcement officers are entrusted with protecting lives and property. Their duties vary depending on whether they work at local, state or federal agencies and can range from general law enforcement and crime prevention to specialized work in drug enforcement, national security investigations, or enforcing fish and wildlife laws. While these careers may be stressful, physically challenging and mentally demanding, the opportunity to save lives and serve the greater good can be satisfying and personally rewarding.

Concepts of justice, duty, and societal issues will be examined along with various ethical issues related to criminal justice topics. Graduates will model ethical behavior and a commitment to service with the skills necessary to respond to complex and dynamic situations appropriately. Interpersonal communication and writing skills germane to the criminal justice profession are practiced throughout the program.

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Its been a great experience and very proud to display my degrees from Baker. I’m confident that it gave me the skills needed to be successful, and I think I’ve proven that obtaining the position I’ve obtained in a short period of time in corrections.

- Jeremy Bush, Warden B.S. Criminal Justice, A.S. Criminal Justice
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