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Early/Middle College is a five-year high school program that is founded on a formalized agreement between the participating high school and partnering college. The program is offered through the secondary school system and provides the opportunity for students to earn their high school diploma plus substantial college credit at no cost to the student/parent.

Baker College has 15 EMC program partnerships across the state. At Baker, our EMC programs follow a three-year program that identifies a specific career pathway for the student starting in the eleventh grade and continuing for an extra year or a fifth year. By following a specific program of study, students will complete a number of college courses and be considered a high school student for an extra year (or a fifth year). Upon completion of their fifth year, students will graduate high school with either a certificate, an associate degree, the Michigan Early/Middle College Association (MEMCA) Technical Certification, or up to 60 transferable college credits.

In addition to applying to the EMC program, students must also complete a Baker College application as they are also considered a college student while finishing high school.

 If a student/parent is interesting in enrolling in an EMC, they should check with their high school counselor. 

If a school or technical center want more information about developing an EMC with Baker College, please contact one of the Baker College Running Start coordinators:  [email protected] or [email protected].

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