Dental Assisting

About Us


The mission of the Dental Assisting Program at Baker College is to create dental health care professionals who will be life-long learners with the passion, knowledge, and skills needed to provide exceptional patient care in a diverse and ever changing environment.

Program Philosophy

The dental assisting program, at Baker College of Port Huron, part of the Health Sciences Division, provides an education based in the social, behavioral, and biological sciences. The goal of the academic division is to support and carry out the college mission. This goal is accomplished by developing and delivering curriculum and fulfilling the three components of instruction, learning and assessment. Emphasis will be put on developmental education/advising, curriculum delivery, faculty and staff training, and outcomes.

The major emphasis of dental assisting education is educating a dental auxiliary who is ethically and morally responsible, clinically competent and facilitates comprehensive quality care. The primary responsibility for faculty is to approach the educational process with positive reinforcement, stressing excellence, relevance, and purpose in recognizing our close relationship with our community. The dental assisting program will strive to meet and exceed its goals in concert with local dental professionals with continued review of current theory and emerging technology.

Program Goals 

  1. Prepare a dental assistant who will be competent with respect to the “Baker College Competencies for the Dental Assistant.
  2. Maintain competent dental assisting faculty and staff with clinical / work experience to ensure a quality and current educational program.
  3. Maintain admission’s policies to ensure qualified students.
  4. Satisfy students with the quality of their dental assisting education.
  5. Graduate students who are engaged in community service and life-long learning.
  6. Maintain an active Advisory Board.
  7. Prepare curriculum that is current and relevant.
  8. Maintain a quality assurance program for program enhancement.
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