Diagnostic Medical Sonography

About Us

Mission Statement and Purposes

The mission of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program is to provide didactic and clinical education that enables qualified students to achieve strong communication, critical thinking and technical skills required to obtain entry-level employment and become a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.

The purposes of Baker College Diagnostic Medical Sonography program is:

  1. To prepare students for competency in today's global economy in allied health careers.
  2. To provide general and sonographic science education, which expands the students’ horizons, develops strong communication skills, and encourages critical thinking.
  3. To educate individuals in the art and science of Sonography.
  4. To provide an educational program that encourages students to broaden their vision and promote lifelong learning to enhance their career and opportunities.
  5. To develop and expand the students’ awareness of the professional role and responsibilities of the Sonographer as a member of the health care team in today's global society.
  6. To give students practical experience and training in Sonography to include a variety and volume of training experiences.
  7. To encourage social and classroom related activities, which promote both personal and professional growth.
  8. To develop, maintain and support collaborative effort with businesses, community leaders, clinical affiliates and the community we serve to ensure student success.
  9. To contribute to the community's workforce educational opportunities that build and maintain a competent, highly trained workforce that can successfully compete in the global community.
  10. To assist graduates in securing entry level employment as a Sonographic Technologist.
  11. To encourage the student to obtain ARDMS registration.

Program Outcomes

  1. The graduate will obtain, review, and integrate pertinent patient history and supporting clinical data to facilitate optimum diagnostic results. 
  2. The graduate will perform appropriate procedures and record anatomic, pathologic, and/or physiologic data for interpretation by a physician. 
  3. The graduate will record, analyze, and process diagnostic data and other pertinent observations made during the procedure for presentation to the interpreting physician. 
  4. The graduate will exercise discretion and judgment in the performance of sonographic and/or other non-invasive diagnostic services. 
  5. The graduate will demonstrate appropriate human relations and interpersonal communication skills with patients and colleagues. 
  6. The graduate will act in a professional and ethical manner. 
  7. The graduate will provide patient education related to medical ultrasound and/or other non-invasive diagnostic vascular techniques, and promote principles of good health. 
  8. The graduate will obtain an entry-level position as a diagnostic medical sonographer. 
  9. The graduate will, with entry-level expertise, be able to illustrate a proficiency in the Physics of Ultrasound. 
  10. The graduate will, with entry-level expertise, be able to illustrate a proficiency in Obstetrics & Gynecologic Ultrasound. 
  11. The graduate will, with entry-level expertise, be able to illustrate a proficiency in Abdominal and Small Parts Ultrasound. 
  12. The graduate will demonstrate commitment to professional development by pursuing membership in a professional organization related to diagnostic medical sonography.  
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