Echocardiographic Technology

About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Echocardiography Program is to provide each student with quality educational experiences, which will prepare them to readily make the transition from student to competent entry level Cardiac Sonographer.                                                          

Goals and Objectives

Essential in this mission is recognition of the following goals and objectives:

  1. Each student will receive a quality general education and will be provided with the opportunity to develop skills which will allow them to communicate effectively in written and verbal formats.
  2. Each student will be provided with experiences which will assist them with developing critical thinking, clinical reasoning and problem solving skills.
  3. Each student is encouraged to become an active participant in society, demonstrating ethical integrity while providing leadership and team work skills within their national, community, and profession standards. 
  4. Each student will be prepared to use technology (ie. computers, ultrasound equipment) in the ever changing world of science and technology.
  5. Each student will be encouraged to develop interpersonal skills which will assist them with understanding how to be effective in administrative structures as well as with peers and with patients.
  6. Diversity among individuals is respected. Each student will be encouraged to appreciate the influence of culture, gender, race/ethnicity, religion, disabling conditions, and sexual orientation on behavior and needs.
  7. Each student will be prepared to integrate Cardiac Physiology, Anatomy & Pathology with clinical skills to provide the best testing situation as entry level Echo Technologists.
  8. Each student will be prepared to apply current frames of references and theoretical perspectives in echocardiography as entry level technologists.
  9. Each student will be encouraged to take responsibility for continuing their education. Students will also be encouraged to change as the health care delivery system and the practice of echocardiography evolves.
  10. To satisfy prospective employers with the quality of the echocardiography student/graduate.
  11. To maintain competent faculty and staff with appropriate clinical work experience, to ensure quality education to the student, and to provide exceptional role models for the students.
  12. To maintain an active Advisory Board.
  13. To maintain current curriculum which is up to date and evolving with technology.
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