Cadillac Application Information


24 students are accepted

Application Quarters:  Fall for Spring start;  Spring for Fall start

Application Dates:
Spring Quarter Nursing Start
Available Fall quarter Week 1
Due Friday Fall quarter Week 5 at close of business

Fall Quarter Nursing Start
Available Spring quarter Week 1
Due Friday Spring quarter Week 5 at close of business
Kaplan Entrance exam given in June

Application Process:  Applications may be picked up in person in the Faculty office.  Applications must be completed and returned in person to the Faculty office by the designated deadline.  At this time, applicants sign up for the Kaplan Admission Assessment test.

Student must have all pre-requisite courses completed the quarter completing the application.  For example, if applying in the Fall for a Spring start, pre-requisites must be completed Fall quarter.  Students applying in the Spring for a Fall start must have completed pre-requisites Spring quarter.

Kaplan Admission Assessment Test:  Sign up for the Kaplan test when application is turned in.  The Kaplan test will be given on designated dates in December for Fall applicants (Spring start) and in June for Spring applicants (Fall start).  Students with incomplete applications will not be allowed to sit for the Kaplan Test.  Kaplan test may only be taken once per year.

Application Informational Meetings: Meetings are held quarterly. Specific location, dates and times are posted on campus and in the "Beacon" (Cadillac Campus Newsletter). Additionally, meeting information is available in the faculty office (231-876-3158).

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