Program Outcomes - ADN

Associate Degree in Nursing Program Outcomes

  1. The graduate will exhibit critical thinking and clinical reasoning behavior through formulation, provision, prioritization and evaluation of patient-centered care in promoting optimal patient outcomes across the continuum of care.
  1. The graduate will initiate and prioritize basic to advanced therapeutic interventions that are safe, evidence-based, holistic, and that are reflective of a transpersonal caring philosophy.
  1. The graduate will consistently access and evaluate information independently and utilize this information to communicate and deliver safe, effective, and collaborative patient care
  1. The graduate will compare and contrast the needs of various cultural groups with an awareness of and respect for the values and beliefs of patients and their families; and will recognize global issues and events that impact personal and local health care.
  1. The graduate will model effective interpersonal, written, and therapeutic communication principles in patient and interdisciplinary collaborative interactions.
  1. The graduate will collaborate and communicate as a member of an interdisciplinary health care team to provide patient-centered care in promoting optimal patient outcomes.
  1. The graduate will emulate and model professional nursing behaviors and consistently provide safe and effective patient care based upon standards of the nursing profession.
  1. The graduate will integrate the principles of patient-centered care that include customer service, quality and safety, collaboration, and holistic principles.
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