Program Outcomes - BSN

  1. Synthesize knowledge from a liberal arts education as the basis for decision making in nursing practice.  
  2. Apply the nursing process to manage the diverse needs of individuals, families, and communities in diverse environments using a holistic and patient-centered approach.
  3. Illustrate the importance of health promotion, disease, and injury prevention to improving populace health.
  4. Use and manage information technology to communicate and provide safe and effective patient care.
  5. Use evidence-based research to guide nursing practices.
  6. Apply theories of leadership and management to provide quality patient care and patient safety.
  7. Investigate current issues in health care politics, finance, and regulatory environments to guide nursing practice and client care.
  8. Use inter-professional communication and collaboration for improving patient health outcomes.
  9. Create an environment that adheres to professional values and behaviors, a professional code of ethics, professional standards, and legal statutes as they relate to the nursing practice.
  10. Recognize the importance of lifelong learning and professional career development in the field of nursing.

Big Ideas:

  • Cultural and ethnic diversity
  • Safety
  • Technology
  • Ethics
  • Nursing Practices

2011-2012 BSN Outcomes Assessement Plan

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