About Us


The mission of the Baker College Opticianry program is to provide quality training and instruction in the profession of Opticianry resulting in an Associate of Applied Science degree.  As an equal opportunity institution, Baker College welcomes all and encourages its students to seek excellence in their studies.  The program further encourages the students to learn to conduct an ethical professional practice of Opticianry in order to provide a superior standard of care for the people of the State of Michigan.  

Program Goals 

The goals of the Baker College Opticianry program were developed in concert with the program’s philosophy and the mission and goals of the college.

  1. To upgrade the profession of Opticianry through formal opticianry education. Adding to the profession men and women who are well qualified to intrepret prescriptions, fabricate eyewear, dispense spectacles and contact lenses, communicate effectively, utilize sales techniques, and are self confident to serve the visual needs of the public.    
  2. To stimulate growth and development of the Opticianry student into a responsible, competent, enthusiastic, professional who maintains ethical standards, and works well with other professionals in his/her field.    
  3. To prepare Opticianry students for successful completion of the National Opticianry Competency Examination (NOCE) spectacle examination and is given by the ABO. The Contact Lens Registry Examinatiion (CLRE) given by NCLE for certification in contact lens dispensing.
  4. Eliminate hazardous waste and to reduce non-hazardous waste to the minimum levels economically and technically practical, and to be in full-compliance with all federal and state environmental regulations.    
  5. To prepare graduates for entry-level employment in the optical field.
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