Vascular Ultrasound Technology

About Us

Program Goals

  1. To prepare a vascular technologist who will be competent with respect to the national and community standards
  2. To maintain competent vascular ultrasound faculty and staff with clinical / work experience to ensure a quality program reflecting current educational standards.
  3. To satisfy patients, prospective employers, and the vascular ultrasound community with the quality of vascular ultrasound students.
  4. To provide curriculum that is current and relevant.

Program Outcomes

  1. The graduate will demonstrate knowledge consistent with entry-level professional practice.
  2. The graduate will demonstrate competent entry-level clinical performance:
    1. The graduate will differentiate the various types of noninvasive vascular studies performed and understand appropriate indications and limitations.
    2. The graduate will be able to assess patient care needs keeping in mind cultural differences and identify methods to provide professionally appropriate basic care.
    3. The graduate will demonstrate proficiency in the performance of vascular noninvasive testing, e.g. plethysmography, B-mode imaging, Doppler (CW, PW, and color-flow), and blood pressure measurements.
    4. The graduate will be able to evaluate vascular anatomy and physiology documented on the noninvasive findings.
  3. The graduate will display affective behaviors of professionalism, ethics, adaptability, and teamwork in the practice of vascular ultrasound
  4. The graduate will display behavior supportive of the profession
  5. The graduate will apply effective problem solving and critical thinking skills
    1. The graduate will be able to characterize alterations in vascular hemodynamics in response to disease and non-diseased states.
    2. The graduate will be able to interpret vascular hemodynamics represented on noninvasive findings.
    3. The student will identify fundamental elements for implementing a quality assurance and improvement program
  6. The graduate will convey accurate information and interact effectively, by written, non-verbal, and verbal communication.
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