Work Experience

Work Experience

The work experience program allows students to gain experience directly related to their academic majors. It integrates classroom theory with practical experience and is based on the principle that learning is not limited to academic achievement.


This program offers students an opportunity to apply classroom theory to actual work situations. Through this experience, the students develop an appreciation of their course work, thereby increasing motivation, interest, and skill.

Co-operative Education:

  • Short term: 10 weeks (120 hours) commitment
  • Long term: 11 weeks to one year commitment
  • Paid experience


  • 120 hours
  • Unpaid experience

Medical Externships:

  • Varies according to major

Clinical Affiliations:

  • Contact the System Site Development Office at (810) 766-4212

The Co-op and Internship programs provide you with an opportunity to identify and select students with the specific abilities and talents that your company needs.

Employer Benefits:

  • You will see those students who show potential for future employment
  • You can obtain a student for peak periods of the year or for special projects
  • You will be able to utilize a student to assist your professional staff
  • You can participate in the student's career preparation

If you are interested in hiring a co-op/intern/extern student, please complete an employment listing form. For more information on this program, please contactour office.

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