Academic Office

At Baker, our Academic Office is designed to meet all of your academic concerns. Our counselors are trained to help you achieve your educational objectives. If you are in need of academic, career, or personal counseling we provide you with the appropriate information and resources to help achieve your academic goals.

If you are looking for transcripts or other academic records, our registrars are ready to help. They are available for consultation regarding changing your program and other course registration concerns.

Contact Info

For general questions contact:

1116 West Bristol Road
Flint, MI 48507-5508
Academic Office: (810) 766-4021
Toll-Free: (888) 211-8915
Fax: (810) 766-2003

E-mail for Center for Graduate Studies:
E-mail for Baker College Online:

Office Hours

Hours During Quarters

Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Hours Between Quarters

Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

For questions regarding a particular program, please contact the dean of the corresponding program.

Academic Staff

Jill Langen, PhD
Vice President for Academics
(810) 766-2149

Dawn Prueter
Director of Academic Services
(810) 766-4024

Jill Price
(810) 766-4348

Shelly Gardner
Assistant Registrar
(810) 766-4021

Marlene Ewing
Assistant Registrar
(810) 766-2106

Erika Swartz
Academic Advisor
(810) 766-2205

Aubree Kraut
Academic Advisor
(810) 766-2252

Tina Kattoula
Academic Advisor
(810) 766-2129

Rachel Mercier
Academic Advisor
(810) 766-2126

Mary Rockafellow
Academic Advisor
(810) 766-2159

Jerry Beauchamp
Academic Advisor
(810) 766-2034

Jennifer Henson
Academic Advisor
(810) 766-4076

Tiffany Belford
Academic Advisor
(810) 766-2162

Denelle Vitous
Academic Advisor

Tammy Carr
Academic Advisor
(810) 766-2271

Lorrie Thams
Academic Advisor
(810) 766-4247

Becky Gillette
Academic Advisor
(810) 766-4312


Deans and Other Program Related Staff

Amie Losee
Dean of Business Administration
(810) 766-4371

Ann Voorheis, PhD
Dean of Developmental Education
(810) 766-4104

Lesley Morgan, PhD, APNP
Director of Nursing
(810) 766-2059

Michael Picerno
Dean of Information Systems
(810) 766-4021

Deborah Cash
Associate Dean of Developmental Education
(810) 766-4356

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