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Earning a degree doesn’t have to mean putting your life on hold. Our convenient, 100% online degree programs let you get an education in a way that works for you.

Taking classes on campus isn’t always ideal for everyone. We completely understand. That’s why we offer a wide range of flexible online degree programs that let you get an education on your own terms, without ever having to visit a campus location. Start exploring our online degree programs today.

  • Excellent for active military members.
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Online Programs

Program Sampling

Computer Science

The software development, internet communications, network and database administration and computer science knowledge gained from this program can prepare you for a number of careers in a variety of workplaces. We offer three concentrations: Computer Information System, Database Technology and Mobile Application Software.

Game Software Development

Immerse yourself in software engineering with an emphasis on animation and game development and learn about programming technologies and the complete development process, from game modeling to final product.

Information Systems

Baker’s Information Systems program focuses on using information systems — such as systems design, internet operations, network security and more — to solve business problems. You can also develop a strong foundation in leadership, communication and management skills. We offer three concentrations: Assurance Specialist, Project Management and Web Development.

Information Technology

As a student in Baker’s Information Technology program, you will gain a clear understanding of the open system standards and technologies associated with various platforms.

You will learn from highly experienced industry professionals, who will introduce you to operating system concepts and hardware. With their guidance, you will develop solid skills you can hone in the real world through internship and cooperative education opportunities.

Information Technology and Security

The Information Technology and Security program offers a broad base of skills and knowledge in operating systems concepts, networking essentials, networking components and network security. We offer four concentrations: Networking Professional, Server Administration, Information Assurance and Cyber Defense.


Develop observational, analytical, communication and problem-solving skills that will enable you to work successfully with diverse groups of people.

Criminal Justice

Learn how to maintain social order at the federal, state and local levels by preventing and reducing crime. Our program follows the standards of the Michigan Correctional Officers’ Training Council and teaches you about crime, justice and social issues.

Law Enforcement Academy (Police)

Get the hands-on training and experience you need in corrections, criminal and juvenile justice, psychology, ethics, and more as you learn from classroom courses, specialized study and real-world training.


Learn modern accounting work and theoretical knowledge and skills from professional accountants to develop a deeper understanding of the field.

Business Administration

This program delves into the fundamentals of business operations — such as finance, accounting, management and marketing — as well as entrepreneurship, business law and economics.

Business Administration – Accelerated Program

The Business Administration – Accelerated Program is designed for those with experiential credit. That, combined with our core coursework, can help you quickly and conveniently earn a bachelor’s degree.

Business Intelligence

Designed for managers in departments other than information systems, this program teaches you how to apply emerging information technologies, management support systems and leadership techniques to improve organizational effectiveness and achieve business goals.


Focus your studies on financial markets, financial instruments, and individuals and institutions that manage money and other assets. Learn banking, financial services, financial planning, corporate finance and more.

General Business

This program combines academic training with applied learning and allows you to build off of our core courses with a variety of interesting classes to tailor your degree to your specific needs.

Human Resource Management

Through classroom and internship experiences, you will learn human resource and business fundamentals, leadership and communication skills, best practices for recruiting and retaining good employees, and techniques for improving productivity and business results.

Information Systems

This program teaches managers and executives in departments other than information systems about emerging technologies and business analysis tools and how they can be used in the workplace.

Leadership Studies

Baker College’s Leadership Studies program concentrates on specific issues, like how to articulate a guiding vision, develop a deeper understanding of leadership, and enhance problem-solving and other leadership skills.


This program teaches you how to apply effective communication, coaching, teamwork, decision making and more to areas such as personnel management, production management, international business and small business.


Learn analytical, technical and communication skills, as well as concepts of marketing and business, through case studies, business simulations, and other individual and team activities.

Supply Chain Management

Specialized courses in logistics, transportation and supply chain management, combined with real-world internship experience, teach you to manage everything from raw materials to end users.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Learn how to apply theories, methods and principles of psychology at the individual, team and organizational levels by studying behavior and performance in the workplace. This program does not prepare you for licensure as a professional psychologist.

Healthcare Management

This program features traditional business disciplines as well as an in-depth look at the unique, real-world challenges facing health care workers. Curricula focus on case studies and successful business models.

General Studies

Earning your degree in General Studies at Baker College will give you the opportunity to gain valuable, lifelong skills in critical thinking, problem solving, evaluation, oral and written communication, synthesis, analysis, and more. Once you’ve earned your bachelor’s degree, you’ll have the choice to enter the professional world or to focus your area of study with a postgraduate certificate or graduate degree.

Educational Leadership: Higher Education

Prepare to lead and improve student learning with curricula that emphasize using technology to manage information and improve efficiency and cover all aspects of education, from management and organizational development to budgeting, ethics, diversity and faculty/staff evaluations.

Educational Leadership: K–12

Discover how to interpret and use data for decision making, locate research and best practice information, and apply continuous improvement processes to the classroom and all aspects of administration.

Endorsement – Elementary Mathematics

Add an elementary mathematics endorsement to your Michigan Elementary Teaching Certificate with this program, which combines advanced instructional technologies with proven educational approaches.

Endorsement – Secondary Mathematics

This program’s combination of advanced instructional technologies and proven educational approaches prepares you to add a secondary mathematics endorsement to your Michigan Elementary Teaching Certificate.

Nursing – Pre-Licensure BSN

This programs combines humanities and sciences with nursing theory and practice to teach you how to function in a health care setting, respond to individual and community needs, and lead research, practice, education and administration.

Nursing – Post-Licensure BSN

This program helps licensed registered nurses further develop their knowledge, skills and clinical experiences through community health practicum, leadership practicum and nursing seminar. You must have a registered nursing license to enroll.

Nursing Administration

The MSN core curriculum provides a foundation that addresses the challenges of today’s health care, with courses in leadership and ethics, quality improvement, health care technologies, and more. As a student in the MSN Administration track, you will also develop the knowledge and skills essential to managing health-related organizations, such as finance, human resources and quality management.

Nursing Education

The MSN core curriculum provides a foundation that addresses the challenges of today’s health care, with courses in leadership and ethics, quality improvement, health care technologies, and more. Your MSN Education courses will include advanced health assessment, pharmacology and pathophysiology, along with instructional strategies, curriculum development and evaluation strategies.

Occupational Therapy

Building upon the Bachelor of Health Science in Pre-Occupational Therapy, this program uses problem-based case management and blends theory, logic, clinical reasoning and pragmatic skills in an interactive learning environment.

Healthcare Administration

Develop the knowledge and critical-thinking skills necessary to effectively manage the delivery, quality and costs of health care services through general education and health services courses, as well as an externship.

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