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Bachelor of Computer Science

Game Software Development

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The Game Software Development program prepares you for an entry-level position in the gaming industry.

In this program, you will:

  • Focus on leading programming technologies.
  • Be immersed in the core knowledge of software engineering, emphasizing animation and gaming development.
  • Gain expertise through a comprehensive approach that leads you through a complete development process, from modeling through animation and game programming to the senior design project.

Explore Your Career
Game Software Development Explore Your Career

Career Facts

  • The average annual wage for an experienced Game Developer is $79,000.
  • The market for video games is expected to increase, even in the midst of a flat economy.
  • Excellent managerial skills are also important in this career because you often deal with a number of tasks simultaneously and must be able to concentrate and pay close attention to detail.
  • The video game industry is highly competitive, and your work week may exceed 40 hours, particularly at “crunch time,” the deadline delivery date.
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