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One-on-one support at every step of the process.
Baker College Financial Aid One-on-one support at every step of the process.

Our mission is to make education accessible to all students interested in attending Baker College. We are the lowest-priced, private college in Michigan with free financial aid counseling available to all of our students.

There is a tremendous amount of financial assistance available—much of which is not taken advantage of due to complicated forms and criteria that many students are unaware of. Our admissions advisors meet with you and take the time to help you apply for and receive everything you’re eligible for.

Baker College offers various forms of financial aid to students who qualify. Our admissions advisors will help you find and apply for financial assistance, including:

  • Scholarship Aid (awarded based on academic excellence and not necessarily financial need).
  • Grant Aid (awards based solely on financial need).
  • Loan Aid (awards offered at a low interest rate which must be repaid after the student leaves college or drops below half-time enrollment).
  • Work Aid (available through part-time jobs in which earnings are used for college expenses).

Students also have access to many different types of scholarships.

You may also be interested in these resources and information:

Contact one of our admissions advisors to get started. We’ll help you through the entire process.

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