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Everything we do at Baker College is directed toward preparing you for a successful career. Here, you can earn a certificate, associate, bachelor, master, or doctoral degree in any one of more than 150 career programs in high-demand fields.

To support you throughout your college experience, and help ensure that it is the best it can be, we provide a full range of student services, from free tutoring and academic counseling to writing support, employment assistance, and more. So whenever you have a question or concern, talk with us. We’re here to help you succeed.

Academic Calendar

Don’t forget these dates! Stay up to date about when semesters for online and on-ground classes start and end.

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Full Program List

All programs offered at Baker College are designed to prepare students for careers with the highest opportunities for growth and advancement.

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Full Course List

Explore the complete list of courses offered at Baker College and learn more about the classes you’re interested in.

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Online Learning

Baker Online offers a flexible option for those who need an education to improve their careers, but aren’t able to attend classes on campus.

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