About Our Mascot

The Baker Bees Mascot with a speech bubble saying 'Oh Hi! I'm Scout!'

Our Mascot, The Bees, embody our shared values and aspirations. These symbols will constantly remind us of the unity and strength that define us.

Unity and Collaboration

 Like Baker College, bees represent teamwork and the idea that we can go further together. This hive mentality perfectly symbolizes Baker College, where each member of our school plays a crucial role in the success of our entire community. 

Vital Contributors

Bees are essential to our planet’s health—without bees, entire ecosystems collapse. These qualities are symbolic of our students, who are learning the skills needed to positively impact their lives and the world around them.

Diligence and Perseverance

Bees are some of the most industrious organisms in nature, working tirelessly to ensure their hive persists. Similarly, Baker students embody the spirit of diligence and perseverance, consistently pushing ahead and exceeding their limits to reach new heights.

Adaptability and Innovation

Bees have an incredible ability to adapt to changing environments. Like us, they perpetually evolve and innovate to achieve success and provide long-term societal benefits.

Endurance and Focus

Like Baker College students, bees are known for their discipline, focus, and ability to overcome challenges. No matter the obstacle, bees persist.

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