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Baker College nursing student

BC School of Nursing student studying in class

I absolutely love nursing.

Every aspect of the profession has something that draws me deeper into what it means to be a nurse. I love the fact that you have to know and understand so much of the medical world, while also having the ability to explain medical terms, procedures and more to a patient who may have never stepped foot into a hospital. I love that the nurse is who stands in between the patient and the doctor and other healthcare providers. We are the first to notice new symptoms and the last to check if ordered medications are right for the patient before they are administered.

Nurses are able to establish a lasting connection with patients, so much so that a patient may remember a nurse that cared for them for the rest of their lives. This is why nursing school means so much to me. Through all the tears that I have cried, all the stress, all the “Today is the day I am going to quit” moments, I have kept going because I have a true passion.

Even though I know it’s going to be a hard road and there are going to be more moments where I will feel like giving up, I won’t. I will continue to work towards my RN because I have the kind of passion for nursing that keeps pushing me through it all!

I absolutely love nursing and I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else.

If you have a passion for nursing and want to learn more about starting your career, visit the Baker College School of Nursing program page.

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