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Structured as a three and one-half year, 60 semester credit program, the DBA curriculum blends taught interdisciplinary content and research seminars with assessed scholarly and professional development activities. The program culminates in a research-based dissertation focused on a real problem facing today's business leaders and managers.

Over the course of the program, the student develops the capacity to work independently and in more depth, moving from prescribed content in the first year of the program, to supervised scholarly activities in the second year, to independent research focused on his or her area of interest in the third year. Students may choose from five areas of specialization including leadership, finance, human resources, management information systems, and marketing, or design their own specialized field of study.

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I chose Baker for the curriculum. They look at what you’re going to need and a lot of MBAs are general. The curriculum at Baker I felt that a lot of the things that I was doing in school I could directly translate into what I was doing in the hospital.

- Brad Lukas, Beaumont Hospital Administrator M.B.A. Business Administration
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