Shape the next generation of nurses with a Master of Science in nursing education.

Working directly with patients is just one way to use your nursing skills. The healthcare industry is one of today’s fastest growing industries and with demand for nurses on the rise, there’s also a need for nursing professionals who are able to use their skills to train students.

Our Master of Science in nursing education program is designed to help you develop the wide range of skills needed to effectively prepare the next generation of nurses. Through classes in healthcare technologies, leadership, and advanced health assessment techniques, you’ll gain a stronger understanding of the challenges and demands of today’s healthcare industry. You’ll also take classes focusing on important skills educators need, such as curriculum development and instructional strategies.

With our flexible scheduling options, this program is ideal for working professionals who want to change the direction of their career without putting their lives on hold to get an education. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to a brand new chapter in your career.

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