Invest in yourself. Affordable education for a brighter future.

Investing in education is an investment in your future and we want that investment to be as affordable as possible. If you truly want to change your life and your career for the better, we want to give you the chance to do so without money being an obstacle.

Baker College has the lowest tuition of any private college in Michigan. As a non-profit college, we’re not focused on turning a profit for shareholders -- we’re invested in you. Being a non-profit allows us to keep our tuition down and lets us focus on creating the best experience possible for our students through things like high-tech equipment for classrooms and labs, free tutoring services, and lifetime career services.  

We also believe in keeping things simple. Unlike other colleges and universities, we don’t have any extra fees or hidden costs. No need to worry about being hit with a bill that’s much bigger than you expected. If you have any more questions about tuition at Baker College, contact your campus OneStop Advisor and they’ll help you through the entire process.

Books and Supplies

 In addition to tuition and fees, students will have expenses for books and supplies. Some programs require additional items such as uniforms, kits, and program-specific supplies. For detailed information about these additional expenses, please contact the Admissions or OneStop Office.

Student Housing Costs

Student housing is available at our Cadillac, Flint, Muskegon, Owosso, and Port Huron campuses. The rate for all housing options is $2,050 per semester; however, the rate may vary based on occupancy. Contact the OneStop or Housing departments for details. There is a nonrefundable $50 fee due when an application for campus housing is submitted. In addition, current students will be charged a $100 non-refundable prepayment when completing their housing contract for the future semester.

Estimated food costs are an additional $800 per semester. If for any reason a student leaves during a semester, there will be no refund of room fees for that semester.

2018-2019 Tuition & Fees

The tuition charge per semester hour of credit is based on the following schedule. Tuition is subject to change at the beginning of any semester.
Undergraduate Courses $400/per credit hour
Master’s Degree Courses $695/per credit hour
Cloud Security Risk Management Courses(Including BUS 6200, 6210, 6220, 6230, 6240) $1200/per credit hour
Doctoral Degree Courses $915/per credit hour

Premium Tuition Charges

The following premium charges are added to the Base Tuition
Most Undergraduate Courses $0/per credit hour $10/per credit hour
Autobody Technician (ABT) Courses $40/per credit hour n/a
Automotive Services Technology (AST) Courses $10/per credit hour n/a
Culinary Arts (BAK, CUL, FBM) Courses $195/per credit hour $205/per credit hour
Dental Assisting (DAS) Courses $15/per credit hour n/a
Dental Hygiene Professional Track (DHY) Courses $85/per credit hour n/a
Diesel Service Technology (DSL) CoursesExcluding DSL 2110 $110/per credit hour n/a
Electronic Health Records (HSC 1010) Courses $15/per credit hour n/a
Nursing CoursesExcluding: NUR 3050, 3210, 3250, 3310, 3350, 4450, 4452, 4550, 4552, 4650, 4710, 4750, 4850 $70/per credit hour $80/per credit hour
Orthotic/Prosthetic Technology (OPT) Courses $25/per credit hour $35/per credit hour
Pre-Occupational Therapy (OCC) Courses $70/per credit hour $80/per credit hour
Welding (WELD) Courses $40/per credit hour n/a
Note: Lower level courses are 1000-2999 courses (i.e. BUS 2010) and upper level courses are 3000-4999 courses (i.e. BUS 3010)

Active-duty and Service Members

GoArmy Ed Program $247/per credit hour
Active Military $247/per credit hour
Guard & Reserve $247/per credit hour
GoArmy Ed Program $367/per credit hour
Active Military $367/per credit hour
Guard & Reserve $367/per credit hour


Technology Fee — Charged to all registered studentsOnly refundable for students who drop all classes during the first week of the semester. $100/per semester
Undergraduate Application Fee (payable with application) $30
Graduate Application Fee (payable with application) $35
Undergraduate and Graduate Late FeeApplied to accounts not paid by the start of the semester. $50
Undergraduate and Graduate NSF Return FeePer item returned by the bank. $25
Payment Plan Fee $35
Background Check Fee Varies
Fingerprinting Fee Varies
Immunization Fee Varies

Charges for Non-Traditional Credit

Waiver Test Credit — Charge is dependent upon testNo additional charges for credits earned. $0 or $50
Articulation Credit No charge
Experiential Credit (per credit hour)Students are also required to take a COL 3010 at the regular tuition rate. Experiential credit fees are not financial aid eligible. $100
Independent Study Credit (per credit hour) $400 (premium rates may apply)
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