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If you live or attend school in the Muskegon area, you could be eligible for the Muskegon Area Promise Scholarship. Recipients can use the funds at Baker College of Muskegon for one of the following:

  • A certificate program
  • Up to 72 credit hours (the equivalency of a two-year associate degree)
  • The first two years of a bachelor’s degree

The Promise Scholarship will be applied toward two years of tuition and mandatory fees for full-time or part-time students.


Baker College is an Eligible Institution participating with the Muskegon Area Promise Scholarship program. For program eligibility details, please visit the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District (MAISD) website.

  • Students must live within the boundaries of the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District (MAISD).
  • Students must graduate from a high school that is located within the boundaries of MAISD with a cumulative 3.00 GPA or higher, or be in the top 30% of their graduating class.
  • Students who attend the Career Tech Center for a minimum of one year are eligible if they earn a 3.00 GPA at the Career Tech Center and maintain a 2.50 GPA at their home district. 
  • Students must apply for student aid using the FAFSA and complete the verification process when required to do so.
  • Students must enroll in college locally at an Eligible Institution.

As seen on the MAISD website, all Scholarship Terms at a Glance can be found here.

Scholarship Amount

Eligible students will receive a Promise Scholarship for any qualified educational expense as identified by the Promise Zone Act, up to the cost of obtaining an associate’s degree or its equivalent at the prevailing rate at an Eligible Institution. Each Eligible Institution’s varied cost of attendance will be covered by the Promise Scholarship. Note: Any MAISD students enrolled in college under dual enrollment contracts are not eligible for Promise Scholarships. 

Promise Scholarships will be for an amount up to the cost of attendance for full time enrollment over three terms (Fall, Spring and Summer) per year. Subject to that maximum, a student’s Promise Scholarship amount will be the balance remaining for the qualified educational expenses after the student has applied for and accepted all federal, state, and institutional grants for a given year. 

The Promise Scholarship will pay up to a maximum of 72 credits for degree-seeking students.  


There is no application, nor deadline. New graduates are notified of their eligibility via a letter sent home using the US Postal Service and asked to accept the award in writing (electronically) each spring.

Other Scholarship Requirements

  • Students will have a maximum of five (5) years after high school graduation to use their Promise Scholarship award.
  • The Muskegon Area Promise is a last dollar award. The scholarship amount is calculated based on allowable charges. If the student is eligible for financial aid, all other aid must be used first (Federal, State and Institutional Aid included). 
  • Students must successfully complete their coursework and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress at Baker College to maintain eligibility for the scholarship.

Participating Schools

  • Calvary Christian Schools
  • Fruitport Community Schools
  • Holton Public Schools
  • Mona Shores Public Schools
  • Montague Area Public Schools
  • Muskegon Catholic Schools
  • Muskegon Covenant Academy
  • Muskegon Public Schools
  • Muskegon Heights Public School Academy
  • North Muskegon Public Schools
  • Oakridge Public Schools
  • Orchard View Schools
  • Ravenna Public Schools
  • Reeths-Puffer Schools
  • Western Michigan Christian
  • Whitehall District Schools

A Variety of Programs, Close to Home

Attending Baker College of Muskegon not only allows Muskegon-area students to remain close to their families and community, but it offers a wide range of programs and degrees.

The Muskegon campus features:

  • Modern labs for occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing, veterinary technology, radiologic tech, and more
  • A student center, a gym, and a fitness center
  • An Academic Resource Center and study rooms
  • Student Apartments/Residence Halls

Baker College also offers culinary training in Muskegon through the Culinary Institute of Michigan. As with all of our areas of study, classes are taught by experienced teachers who are up to date on their industries’ latest developments.

Photos of students in various classes (nursing, education, sitting at tables with laptops open in a classroom during a lecture)

Contact Us

If you have questions about the Muskegon Area Promise Scholarship, please contact:

Sue Kelly

Senior Admissions Advisor
(231) 247-0780
[email protected]

In Their Words
"The Muskegon Promise Scholarship and Baker College have helped me make my dream of being a nurse come true!"
Morgan Erffmeyer

Frequently Asked Questions

Next Steps

There is no application for the Muskegon Area Promise Scholarship. Students who meet the criteria above need only to:

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1. Apply for federal student aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and complete the verification process as requested each year

Qualifying students will be notified by letter by MAISD and asked to accept the award in writing each spring.

To learn more about qualifying for the Muskegon Area Promise Scholarship and using it to pay for your Baker College education, please contact our admissions team at [email protected] or (855) 487-7888.

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