A new way forward for you and for us.

As a school that’s been around for over a century, we know how important it is to change with the times. Occasionally, it’s good to take a step back and reassess our goals, our beliefs, our values, and our perception in our communities. In doing so, we found a disconnect between where we were and where we wanted to go. This lead to a rebranding and realigning of the institution.

Getting a college degree isn’t easy. We know the dedication and sacrifice it takes, and we wanted to do more to celebrate those who have made it happen and gone on to accomplish great things. It’s a proud moment for the student, for the family who supported them, and for the faculty and staff who have watched them grow. This is what it’s all about. This is Pride. Pride in yourself, your family, your community, and being able to enjoy the satisfaction that comes with working so hard to turn your dream into a reality.

This is what it means to be BakerProud. It’s more than a new logo or a new color. It’s not just a slogan or a hashtag, it’s an attitude. A mindset. A way of thinking that would shape our culture from the inside out. It’s about taking pride in what you do so that you can do anything you want. We’re proud to be a part of your journey and will help in any way we can to see you succeed. And we can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish.

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