The mission of Baker College is to provide quality higher education and training which enable graduates to be successful throughout challenging and rewarding careers.

To this end, the following purposes have been established:

  • To prepare students for competency in Business, Health, Human Services, and Technical careers in today’s global economy.
  • To provide general education which expands student’s horizons, develops strong communication skills, and encourages critical thinking.
  • To provide students with practical experience and training in a chosen field of study.
  • To encourage social and classroom related activities which promote both personal and professional growth.
  • To enhance students’ success through continuous assessment and improvement of teaching, learning, and institutional effectiveness.
  • To assist graduates throughout their careers in securing employment and improving career opportunities.
  • To encourage graduates to continue their education and to lead effectively through service in a world without boundaries.
  • To offer graduate programs which provide students with advance study, research, scholarly activity, and the opportunities for professional development.

Quality education built on a strong foundation of principles.

Quality Academic Programs: Baker College offers quality academic programs focused on student outcomes and driven by expert faculty utilizing holistic program assessment, research-based pedagogy, and multiple delivery modalities, which lead to employment and career advancements for graduates.

Disciplined Fiscal Management: Baker College upholds a strong emphasis on prudent and ethical fiscal stewardship ensuring institutional sustainability through commitment to sound business practices as a private, not-for-profit postsecondary institution.

Adapt and Change: Baker College adapts to environmental conditions by implementing deliberate strategic initiatives aimed at mitigating these forces.

Continuous Improvement: Baker College engages in ongoing efforts to improve all aspects of the Institution including programs, practices, processes, student outcomes, and services.

Accessible: Baker College commits to providing accessible higher education. The College admits individuals who demonstrate initiative and have the academic ability necessary to be successful within higher education.

Service Excellence: Baker College supports a student-centric service model providing student services that are prompt, practical, and reliable in an inviting and professional environment.

Strong Image: BakerProudBaker College aspires to gain wide recognition for the strength and quality of its graduates, curriculum, faculty, staff and facilities.

Accountable for Mission, Values, and Public Trust: Baker College accepts full accountability for its mission and takes responsibility for the trust and faith placed in the institution by its internal and external stakeholders.

High Work Ethic: Baker College employs individuals who demonstrate professionalism, commitment, dedication, integrity, and high standards of personal accountability.

Team Oriented: Baker College recognizes employees are its most valuable resource and fosters a spirit of open communication and teamwork that embraces mutual respect, integrity, trust, and professionalism.

Community-Based: Baker College commits to being an exceptional corporate citizen by supporting the communities surrounding each campus and building lasting relationships in all of its service areas.

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