A campus designed by professionals for the real-world experience you need.

In a field as hands-on as auto repair, you need more than just classroom study. You need hands-on experience in real-world situations, repairing the kind of cars you see on the road every day using the sort of tools and facilities you’ll be expected to understand once you enter the job market.

Only Baker and the Auto Diesel Training Institute offer the kind of hands-on, all-inclusive training you need to succeed in the world of auto repair, and only our state-of-the-art facilities can get you prepared for the sort of repair needs and conditions you’ll see as an auto mechanic. Designed with input from leading auto repair professionals to simulate the sort of conditions you’ll see in the field as well as provide access to the latest in tools, diagnostic equipment, and repair techniques, our facilities are custom-designed to give you the sort of experience you can’t get anywhere else.

Whether it’s cars, light trucks, or something more heavy-duty, auto technology is changing faster than ever, and the world-class educational facility of the Auto/Diesel Institute of Michigan gives you the training, experience, and skills you need to keep up.

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