1. Upon passage of the national Occupational Therapist Registered (OTR) Examination, graduates seeking employment will obtain positions in or related to occupational therapy.  At least 95% of all graduates will be employed as occupational therapists or in related positions within 90 days of eligibility.
  2. Utilize critical thinking skills to administer assessments in a uniform manner to ensure findings are valid and reliable (establish needs and priorities for intervention).
  3. Adjust/modify the assessment procedures based on client’s needs, behaviors, and culture (identify and design interventions).
  4. Establish accurate and appropriate treatment plans based on the evaluation results, through integrating multiple factors such as client’s priorities, context(s), theories, and evidence-based practice.
  5. Implement intervention plans that are client-centered.
  6. Satisfactorily produce the volume of work (treatment, documentation, and administrative duties) required in the expected time frame.
  7. Clearly and effectively communicate verbally and nonverbally with clients, families, significant others, colleagues, service providers, and the public (responsibilities as a professional).
  8. Demonstrate consistent work behaviors including initiative, preparedness, dependability, and work site maintenance.
  9. Demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking skills by adhering to ethics of the profession, safety regulations, and judgment in safety in regard to self and others during all fieldwork II- related activities (manage OT services and advance effectiveness).
  10. Collectively score at or above 80% for the Occupational Therapists Registered (OTR) Examination annually.
  11. Demonstrate an appreciation for the complexity of context and diversity (including but not limited to socio-economics, culture, gender, race/ethnicity, religion, disabling conditions, and sexual orientation) on engagement in occupation
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