Make a bigger difference in the lives of patients with a master's degree in health science.

In the healthcare industry, the challenges can be great but the rewards are many. Healthcare professionals work to ensure that their patients receive the needed treatment at the right time, investing their knowledge, skill, and understanding to create a safe and nurturing environment to help them recover.

There’s a ton of demand for skilled healthcare workers these days, with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook citing that out of the 20 fastest-growing occupations in America today, more than half of them are in the healthcare industry.

Even with this sort of demand, there’s a lot of training and education that goes into healthcare science - and nobody can prepare you better than we can. From nursing and occupational therapy to dental hygiene and healthcare administration, Baker College offers a wide variety of certificate, associate, and bachelor degree programs to help you get your healthcare career off to the right start so you can do what you do best: improving the lives of those around you.

Start exploring our programs today and find your way forward.

College of Health Science Mission

The mission of the College of Health Science, through our career focus, is to support the individuals of our healthcare programs with the common goal to develop quality, professional and compassionate graduates.

College of Health Science Vision Statement

  1. Strive for excellence in the scientific, professional and humanistic aspects of each chosen profession.
  2. Practice in a manner consistent with accepted evidence-based guidelines, centered on quality, client and community relationships.
  3. Modify practices and educational outcomes in response to changing trends within the healthcare industry.
  4. Uphold high standards of academic performance.
  5. Support the mission of Baker College through interaction with the greater community.
  6. Adapt programs to meet professional and employer expectations through feedback from advisory boards and communities of interest.
  7. Promote the value of lifelong learning for faculty, staff and graduates.
  8. Foster open and collaborative relationships with other disciplines within and beyond health sciences.
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