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We’re sure you’ve heard it all before: to get a good job, you’re going to need some kind of education after high school. With more than two-thirds of jobs requiring a post-high school education, a good career is going to depend on getting the right education - but it might even be easier than you’re expecting.

Even if many jobs require a post-high school degree, not all of them require the typical four-year education. We offer certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor’s degrees in a wide range of disciplines, perfect for securing you the job you want in whatever field you’re interested in.

From engineering to education, from information technology to health science, and everything in between, we can get you the perfect amount of education to start you down the right path. No filler classes. No wasted time. Just the classes you need to focus on your goal: starting a great career in the field you want.

Explore our undergraduate programs today and see how close your dream career can be. Get in, get out, and get going.

College of Business

The success of a business depends on highly-skilled professionals. Our undergraduate programs help you get started in today’s most in-demand business careers, including marketing, management, and accounting.

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College of Education

Careers in education are highly rewarding and in high demand. Our certificate, associate, and bachelor degree programs can help you get the training you need to start your career as an educator.

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College of Engineering

The College of Engineering offers a variety of undergraduate degree programs to help you prepare for a challenging and satisfying career as a machinist, industrial engineer, construction manager, and more.

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College of Health Science

From nurses to lab techs, healthcare professionals get to help people every day. Starting a career in healthcare may take less time than you think. Start exploring our undergraduate programs today.

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College of Information Technology

A technology-driven world needs skilled professionals who know how to work with that technology. We offer associate and bachelor degree programs focused on today’s fastest-growing, technology-driven careers.

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College of Interdisciplinary Studies

The right education and skills can take you far. Our general studies degree programs give you the foundation you need to start a career in many different fields.

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College of Social Science

Build a career around helping others. Our undergraduate programs are ideal for those interested in careers in criminal justice, interpreting, social service, and more. You may not even need a four-year education to get started.

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