Campus Number of first time candidates that have taken the VTNE Number of eligible first time candidates  Three year pass percentage on VTNE (July 1, 2014 - June 30,2017)
Cadillac 43* 42 97.7%
Clinton Township 38 38 89.5%
Flint 59  59 98.2%
Jackson 37 38 94.7%
Muskegon 60 60 96.7%

*Cadillac: The number of first-time candidates that took the VTNE includes a graduate from the class of 2013.  The number of eligible 1st time candidates only includes graduates of the 3-year reporting term.

Meet Kaylee McCollum - Veterinarian and Baker Graduate

"I think Baker being a more career-oriented school makes it different than a lot of other major universities where they do have a lot of the big programs and everything but here it's very specific to what you need to do. They know what you need to know when you get out. They know what the job search is going to be like. They know exactly what you need before you leave."

- Kalyee McCollum Baker College Graduate
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